The Best OCR Compression Socks for Spartan Race Training and Racing.

Hoplite Enhanced Performance OCR Compression Socks

HOPLITE OCR Enhanced Performance Compression Socks 

The Best OCR Compression Socks specifically engineered to protect and support you through your Obstacle Race Training, Racing, and Recovery!

We know you can choose other compression socks for your training and racing. There are dozens of cheaper, colorful socks that might serve some of your needs. Most of those other socks are just generic socks relabeled for use in OCR.

As an OCR athlete your training and racing needs are well beyond those of the typical runner. We have specifically engineered these socks to meet the needs of our fellow athletes in training and racing.

Spartan Race Fire Jump in Hoplite OCR Socks


You train long and hard to gain the strength and skills Obstacle Racing demands! You have to train Endurance, Strength and Power combined to earn fitness that is unparalleled in any other sport!

By training for an obstacle race you have accepted the challenge to gain exceptional fitness. Your training has become a lifestyle, you test yourself on the course. These compression socks are made specifically to help you in your training, racing and recovery. You deserve the best equipment in your OCR training and racing!

Spartan Race Mud Run Training and Racing with Hoplite OCR

Using a 220 needle knitting process we reach beyond Graduated Compression to develop socks that are:

  • Strong enough to support and protect your legs from the rigors of training and racing.
  • Thin enough to stay cool.
  • Thicker in specific areas to protect you from impact and abrasion
  • Have an Arch support to reduce fatigue.
  • And have thin, dense padding in the foot for greater protection and water drainage in the foot.

Hoplite OCR Compression Socks for Spartan Race

We have designed each part of these socks to help you perform your best in your OCR training and improve your race performance!

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Hoplite OCR Compression Socks for Spartan Race

Our socks protect your legs from the rigors of Your Training:

  • Stabilize your muscles to reduce impact and fatigue.
  • Protect you from scrapes and bruises in Resistance Training, Olympic Weightlifting and Deadlifting.
  • Takes the bite out of missed box jumps.
  • Takes the sting out of missed double unders.

Spartan Race Tyrolean Traverse with Hoplite OCR Socks

Our Socks help you perform your best in Your Racing:

  • Extra padding and abrasion resistance in the shins for protection while you are running, jumping and crawling through the race course.
  • Textured padding in the achilles and calves to protect you from the friction of rope climbs, and traverses and wall climbs.
  • Strategically placed padding in the foot to reduce blisters and improve drainage.

Spartan Race Slip Wall with Hoplite OCR Enhanced COmpression Socks

Our socks help your Recovery from Intense Training and Epic Races:

  • Wear our socks after you train and race for improved recovery.
  • Science has shown that compression socks reduce swelling, improve circulation, enhance healing, and speed up recovery from intensive activity.


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A little about us...

We at Hoplite-Outfitters have been racing and training for trail running and ultramarathons since 2002. We've been coaching and training others for running and fitness since 2008. And we've been Obstacle Racing, Training, Coaching and living the Spartan Life since 2012. 

We know what you need to perform your best! If you have any questions, comments, concerns about training, racing, our products, or if you just want to let us know who you are please feel free to contact us at or find us on Facebook or Instagram

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